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Which Mobile Wallets Are Best For Multi-Currency Transactions?

by Clark Franklin

Cryptocurrency owners are spoilt for choice with the horde of multi-currency crypto wallets available. The first question arises – which crypto wallet is the BEST? The first thing to consider is the security level. Since they need to avert cybercrimes and threats because valuable digital tokens are contained.

Few best mobile wallets for multicurrency transaction

ZenGo – Best keyless mobile wallet

ZenGo leverages MPC technology and eliminates the susceptibilities of private key requirements. It is a secure digital wallet in Web3. MPC technology is generally aimed at multi-billion dollar institutions but is made available for average crypto users.

ZenGo’s interface is simple and intuitive making it a great option for crypto beginners. The app offers three security factors for robust protection and security. Users can trade, buy, receive, store, and send more than 70 types of cryptocurrencies using the ZenGo X wallet app. The app supports iOS and Android Operating systems. It even allows swapping coins within the app. Committed and active customer service is available 24/7.


Exodus is a beginner-friendly app you can install on iOS or Android for free. Its interface is simple and clean. The trading journey in the crypto space is made easy and it even has a desktop wallet version allowing monitoring of your trade or assets from the computer.

Exchange, send, and receive more than 100 cryptocurrencies easily with Exodus. Beginners can buy or sell small cryptocurrency amounts to gain familiarity with the technology. They have 24/7 dedicated customer service keen to help users!


Coinbase wallet allows users to handle their private keys and store cryptocurrencies directly on their devices rather than a brokerage or centralized exchange account. Coinbase wallet users don’t need to have an account with the Coinbase exchange. However, they can connect their Coinbase account with the Coinbase wallet.

The app is available in more than 100 countries, so is a comprehensive solution for beginners. They can buy, sell, store, and manage their account from a single place.


Jaxx supports 12 cryptocurrencies and is available for Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and Max. Jax wallet has a magical dark UI and even if users’ private keys are on their device Jaxx doesn’t access them. It offers the 12-word ‘Master seed’ idiom for control and ownership. When users lose their mobile device, they can regain access via the Master seed idiom. Jaxx is not open source, so it reduces hacking concerns.


Polygon currently has no wallet but users can choose the AlphaWallet app, which is compatible with it. AlphaWallet auto-populates every ERC-20 & 71 token and displays it on your Polygon wallet. There is no need to add smart contract details manually to each one. Users can keep clarity as well as control on their Polygon tokens with their detailed price charts in real-time.


It is a simple mobile-based digital wallet including a light & fast User interface. It supports ERC-20 as the wallet is ETH blockchain-based. imToken aims to integrate more blockchains but at the moment it is concentrating on ETH-based tokens. The awesome feature of imToken is that it empowers the user to determine their transaction charges. Higher charges are equivalent to a speedy transaction.

Choose the best digital wallet or your coins are vulnerable to theft and loss. Each wallet is different, so choose one that is robust and reliable!

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