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Top 3 reasons to invest in NFT

by Clark Franklin

While 2021 was the year of NFTs 2022 does not seem to cool down on this trend. With more projects like Axie Infinity and Enjin up and running this avenue becomes even more lucrative for the serious investors. For a regular NFT user, it is even more crucial now to find a project which can turn small investments into thousands of dollars.

In order to do that it is a good idea to learn current and upcoming trends in the NFT industry. And it is now about specific projects, instead, it is about the general direction of the crypto market. Time to buy ETH on a secure exchange and dive into the sea of non-fungible tokens.

Upcoming updates to the main NFT blockchain

Speaking about Ethereum, its second iteration are almost done which will expand the horizon of blockchain possibilities even further. The most impactful changes the update introduces:

  • proof-of-stake mechanism;
  • improved security;
  • eco-friendly;
  • bigger scale due to shard chains.

The first phase of this ambitious update already released yet the second one aims on the third quarter of 2022. It will bring in the blockchain application building platform which can help to create more NFT gaming projects.

City of Dreams

The US entertainment industry is ready to introduce many fans across the world to NFTs with their favorite fictional characters, pop stars and actors. This trend will help any blockchain project as more people will learn about its investment potential. Yet crypto enthusiasts may consider that such attraction will also bring up the bad publicity. Due to the dual nature of sharing the internet space with Hollywood companies, it is important to always follow crypto news. Such approach guarantees profit at most of the circumstances.

Metaverse opens new horizons

Following the entertainment, fashions industry also shows an increasing interest in advertising their products via non-fungible tokens. It is pretty futuristic to have an unique apparel in real and virtual worlds at the same time. The upcoming Metaverse from Meta (former Facebook) with massive focus on virtual reality will make owning fashion NFTs even more lucrative.

Moreover, sneakerheads now can own almost an endless number of unique sneakers in a virtual form, recent products from Nike shows. It is called Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks and introduces a 1000+ collection of pairs with skin vials to recolor them to the client’s liking.

More products like this helping NFTs to become even more popular which means their price will go sky high soon! Now it is time for investors to take this opportunity and buy cheap yet rare tokens on the market to profit from them later.

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