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The best recommendations for Bitcoin user

by Clark Franklin

Simply put, Bitcoin is a special kind of computer technology that helps store and exchange information between people in a secure and transparent manner. Thanks to this structure, all network participants are always aware of all transactions taking place and can check their authenticity. Check out the most important services of it in the article below.

How to keep your transactions safe?

To keep your cryptocurrency transactions safe, use up-to-date antivirus software, keep it up-to-date and run an antivirus scan on your computers. It is emphasized that malicious software is able to intercept any data exchanged with the bank, personal computers of customers, and/or personal data of holders of electronic payment.

Clear your cache and cookies from time to time, or simply log out of websites you haven’t used in a while. Saving your password can be convenient, but you should only use it for websites you visit often and when no one else is using your device.

Why is the Bitcoin Tumbler a good option?

Bitcoin mixing or bitcoin blending is the procedure of using a third-party platform to break the connection of the sender and recipient addresses of bitcoins by combining several cryptocurrencies in one place, thereby ensuring anonymity.

A bitcoin tumbler is good because it provides for customization of transaction costs, a low minimum transaction limit, and the presence of a user-configurable time delay are all advantages that make it a good choice for the user. The algorithm for working with the tumbler is quite simple and may differ slightly from service to service, but in general, everything looks something like this:

  • Buying Bitcoins.
  • Send coins to the Bitcoin tumbler.
  • Coins are mixed.
  • You receive a letter of guarantee from a Bitcoin mixer.
  • You get the same amount of coins, but from among the mixed ones on the service.

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