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Online Trading Academy Launches Educational Crypto Program

by Clark Franklin

Founded more than 25 years ago, as of the time of this writing, the team at the Online Trading Academy has been working overtime in recent years to accommodate an influx of traders targeting the flourishing Cryptocurrency boom. A study posted by Crypto.com revealed that more than 220 million crypto users were floating around in the industry, at least as of the latest survey results in June of 2022.

As crypto continues its onward march toward mainstream normalcy with investors like Elon Musk wading deeper into the waters, it stands to reason that others are going to follow suit – whether or not they have the training and education for the task. This is where Online Trading Academy is stepping up to the plate!

Taking Aim at Crypto Gains

First founded more than 25 years ago, Online Trading Academy has flourished in the intervening years as it has worked steadfastly to become one of the internet’s leaders in financial education. Recently adding digital assets to its suite of educational offerings, CEO and Founder Eyal Shahar was quick to take the lead on the news.

Shahar said of his company and the recent crypto boom, referencing the dot-com bubble of yesteryear, “This feels a lot like the mid-90s.”

Of course, the dot-com bubble and the cryptocurrency revolution only share a little bit in common, such as their outsider view on investing and the ability to make gains in entirely new ways. Still, opportunity doesn’t overcome a lack of education and that is where Shahar aims for his company to provide solutions.

Shahar went on to say in an interview, “I founded this company nearly 25 years ago because the technology was enabling everyday investors direct access to the financial markets – but they were unprepared.”

Preparing For a Future in Risk Management

Risk management is the cornerstone of OTA’s work and their new crypto education program only underscores this fact. Merlin Rothfeld, Senior Director of the new Crypto program, said, “We are at the precipice of a new economy.”

Of course, standing at the precipice of something new is a lot easier than actually taking advantage of it. That is why Merlin Rothfeld and OTA are so focused on educating their students. Rothfeld underscored the challenges of the space by saying, “Decentralized finance is like the beginning of the internet. It is exciting but it can be very risky.”

Pointing to a fear of missing out combined with ease of access regarding investments, Rothfeld and Shahar hope that more individuals turn to their Crypto education program to better prepare themselves for digital assets.

Rothfeld added in an interview, “Digital Assets are so much more than Bitcoin.”

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